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Evolve within Brazil's video game industry!

The Mentorias Games Brazil program connects 100% for free the top professionals in the country with all of those who want to grow in the world of games! 

Our numbers

130+ volunteer mentors

Professionals working in the video game market prepared to guide you in your career from the beginning

10+ industry areas

Art, development, game design, influencers, marketing, business, production, products, UX/UI and more!

150+ mentorships done

Meetings between great professionals from the industry of video games and those seeking guidance in their areas

How it works



Go to "find your mentor", search for your area of interest and choose a professional according to your goal.



On LinkedIn, connect with them, saying why you would like to start a mentorship with them.



Wait for the mentor's reply, set a date and time to agree on how the mentoring process will work and enjoy!



Foto de Werllen Holanda
Werllen Holanda

Senior game artist, Rovio


As mentorias tem sido muito boas. É sempre legal compartilhar nosso conhecimento de anos na indústria com a galera que está chegando e poder responder às dúvidas e ajudá-los a trilhar um caminho na área de games.
O programa Mentoria Games Brasil tem sido incrível e uma ótima ponte para conectar os profissionais da indústria com jovens talentos cheios de vontade de aprender. Tem sido muito recompensador e uma experiência incrível!



Foto de Larissa BG
Larissa BG



Eu tive mentoria com a Dhara Luna e foi muito bom. Ela foi rápida e bem prestativa, ajudando a organizar as ideias, tirando dúvidas e levantando pontos importantes pro desenvolvimento do projeto. Futuramente espero mostrar pra ela o projeto mais avançado e fazer mentorias com mentores de outras áreas pra esse projeto!


Our story

Learn more about the project and how it started

Foto de Antonio Guaranys
Antonio Guaranys

Business Developer, Hermit Crab Game Studio

Founder, Mentorias Games Brasil


My goal is to make Brazil an even greater benchmark in the video game industry!


When I started in the industry, it was a completely new world for me and I couldn't find much content about the challenges that I faced every day. What helped me a lot at this stage were the people who were willing to have conversations with me, share their stories, and give me advice on which paths to take. I remember that, last year, I sent messages to more than 30 people asking for just one conversation, and, of those 30, only 4 accepted. But these 4 changed my life.

Recently, Amir Satvat (former Principal Publisher of Amazon Games) created a mentorship program called “Reach Out Anytime”, on which professionals from all areas of the gaming industry volunteer for 30-minute mentorships with beginners looking to meet more experienced professionals for guidance. However, this program is not accessible to most Brazilians, as meetings usually need to be in English. So, that inspired me to bring this initiative to Brazil, connecting our great professionals with beginners and fostering our ecosystem to grow even more! 


Frequent questions

  • Are mentorships really free?
    Yes! All mentorships provided by mentors from Mentorias Games Brasil are 100% free! Don't worry about it.
  • How do I schedule my mentorship?
    On our website, simply go to “Find your mentor” and choose among more than 100 mentors the ones who best match your goals and/or doubts. Once you've chosen one, tap "View profile" on the desired mentor's card and you will be directed to the mentor's Linkedin profile. Then, send a connection request with a custom message, saying that you would like to be mentored, and then wait for a reply.
  • How do I find mentors in my specific area/field?
    On the “Find your Mentor” page, you will find two filters at the top, one for “Area”, in which you filter by areas such as Production, Game Design, Development, among others. And another one of “Speciality” where you can filter by more specific themes such as Unity, 3D Art, 2D Art, Mobile, among others.
  • Is there a place to interact with mentors and other mentees?
    Yes! We have our own Discord server, which can be accessed in the "Community" section by the "Join our Discord" button or through this link
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